Prices include delivery in Morris County. Minimum order is $50. We are based in Pompton Plains, New Jersey.

Before accepting chicks, please prepare your brooder with litter, food, water, and a heat source.

Big Dog Farm chicks are vaccinated and should be fed non-medicated starter/grower feed until 18-20 weeks old. Then they should receive adult layer feed, ideally supplemented with calcium. At Big Dog Farm, they are fed organic feed.

Please note: To maintain biosecurity, once a bird leaves the farm it cannot return. That includes roosters.

If a hen we sold you turns out to be a rooster, or if it falls ill within a short time period, we can provide a replacement hen, if available.

E-mail is usually the best way to reach us:

Or leave a message at: 973-835-3149.

It's cold outside now but come spring you may want some chicks to start your backyard flock of egglayers. We will have them from late March through April.

We will have pullets available at the beginning of May—adolescent hens, ready to live in an unheated chicken coop.

Barred Plymouth Rock          $8

Buff Orpington                        $8

Blue-laced Red Wyandotte  $10

Welsummer                             $12

Black Jersey Giant                  $10

Whiting True Blue                  $10

Whiting True Green               $10

Breeds available Spring 2020

Chicks available in March!